iTEE-Kenya  (Internet Theological Education by Extension, Kenya)

Internet Theological Education by Extension is an evangelical organization that is committed to offering sound Theological Education to churches and theological seminaries all over Africa and beyond through the internet facility. Through iTEE Kenya, pastors, leaders, Christian workers and career people (professionals) are able to access education without being limited by distance, high cost, time and other limitations that often characterize face to face traditional class set up. The internet provides a powerful tool to break through barriers in a dynamic, responsive, and cost-effective way and yet retain a personal and relevant learning community. iTEE-Ke students have access to facilitated online training so as train other leaders in their respective spheres of influence and leadership.

Internet Theological Education by Extension Kenya (iTEE Kenya) also supports Bible Schools and Seminaries in Kenya. iTEE Kenya offers Bible college level courses that can be integrated into a traditional classroom setting through a unique blend of online and classroom instruction. Educational costs can be reduced while learning results maintained or even improved. Students and faculty find greater flexibility and experiences in a rich learning community. For some schools, access to quality courses to augment an existing program may be of particular of interest to some.

Project Elevate

You can have a profound impact in the life of a community of believers in African countries by donating your used laptop, tablet computer, or unlocked smartphone. Seminary level courses are available to African leaders in countries such as Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, etc. Our ministry, iTEE—Kenya is providing such training through the Internet. Our students are pastors, homemakers, and students who are involved in bringing Christ to their communities. While they manage to afford Internet access, they often unable to afford to purchase a computer.

That is why we are presenting Project Elevate to you. By donating a used working computer to GLINTS through Project Elevate, you will enable an African church to provide training to its leaders and thus Elevating their competency and skill in sharing Christ and ministering to the local community.

Courses are taught by our trained teachers in online and blended learning classes. Your gift of a computer will profoundly impact the lives of both those studying through iTEE—Kenya and those they are serving. Your gift is tax deductible as allowed by law.

Please click here (on our partner page at to fill out the form and then the submit button when completed. One of our volunteers will contact you to get more information about your computer and arrange for shipping if the computer meets the standards.

Thank you for your grace in elevating the lives of leaders in Africa through your generous gift.

Rev. Martin Munyao